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2017能在线观看的网站:-德国网上银行N26今年将推出加密货币交易业务 2017能在线观看的网站: 德国网上银行N26今年将推出加密货币交易业务 N26, a German online neobank, has announced it will get into the cryptocurrency trading business this year. The announcement was made by Max Tayenthal, co-founder and a CEO of the company, who pondered whether focusing on cryptocurrency instead of going global may have been a better idea. The company closed operations in the U.K. and is now exiting the U.S. N26 to Offer Cryptocurrency Services N26, a German online bank, has announced it will roll out cryptocurrency trading services for its customers this year. The co-founder of the bank, and one of its current CEOs, Max Tayenthal, made the recent announcement expressing the need to be a universal platform. Tayenthal also talked about oversights the bank may have made in ignoring cryptocurrencies last year. The executive told Financial Times: Should we have built trading and crypto instead of launching in the US? In hindsight, it might have been a smart idea. N26, a bank with more than 7 million customers as of January 2021, made the decision to expand to the U.K. and U.S. before launching these services. However, they have already exited the U.K. last year, and are currently closing operations in the U.S. Tayenthal stated this has to do with a policy shift after he noticed the bank was “spreading too thinly,” and that there were “so many things to do instead of putting flags in new markets.” Regulatory Issues While the bank has been successful, being valued at 7.8 billion (~$8.8 billion) last year, it has been facing regulatory pressure from Bafin, the German fintech regulator. According to the institution, the company had troubles with AML compliance. This is why the German regulator put a cap on the number of customers N26 could admit each month. Currently, 只有5万名客户可以登录以享受该公司提供的功能和服务。Bafin指派两名代表跟踪公司的进展并报告。Tayenthal相信N26可以与监管机构合作,取消这一影响公司增长的上限。在该上限实施之前,该公司去年平均每月签约17万名客户。关于这一点,Tayenthal宣布:
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